Main Applications
For supperfinishing OD of both tapered rollers and cylindrical rollers.  This machine is suitable for mass production and the accuracy of the finished rollers can constantly reach to Grade II.  It can be used as a separate machine or linked in an automatic production line.
Main Features
1. Centreless through-feed superfinishing of OD of tapered and cylindrical rollers with threaded worms.
2. Different convex generating lines can be achieved by replacing relevant worms.
3. Pneumatic oscillation mechanism and variable oscillation amplitude.
4. One group honig stones consisted of 8 pieces realizes both rough superfinishing and fine superfinishing.
5. FANUC al digital servo control system implements stepless speed variation of worms.
6. Different filters for the coolant tank are optional for the customer and the filtration accuracy is up to 5 microns.
7. High grade cast-iron machine body with double aging treatment assures the overall accuracy performance and good vibration absorption.
8. Painted and enclosed machine guard is nice looking and splash-proof and has a long service life.
Main Specifications
Machine Model 3MZ6130CNC
Roller diameter
5-30 mm
Roller length
8-50 mm
Roughness before honing
0.2 um
Roughness after honing
0.05 um
Output efficiency
30-150 pcs/m